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Sunde Zero Client

Supports Window 7, VISTA, Windows 2008, Windows XP PRO, Windows Server 2003, Linux. Share one PC with at least 40 users. Dramatically reduce the capital cost and electricity consumptions. Supports USB Printers, USB disc, barcode scanner, etc. Have options for Microphone and resolution up to 1920*1200. Read More......




Wireless Thin Client

No need to install software on host PC, enter desktop within 10 second! Support long distance connecting to host PC even in oversea .Support independent operation on thin client separately, when host PC has problem, you can still use thin client to work. Read More....



Standalone thin client is a cloud computing terminal which support mic, speaker, VGA and USB printer. server can monitor each terminal working. A new generation thin client terminal which has 2 working modes: it can not only connect to Server PC to work as PC share station, but also work in dependently as mini computer. It supports microphone and speaker functions. There are 3 USB ports for mouse, keyboard and other USB devices. Read More.....

Share the Power of One PC with Many Users

COMPUSET ICT SOLUTIONS offer you the right THIN CLIENT with best price and best service!



What is Thin Client ?

 A thin client is a general term for a device that relies on a server to operate.

It provides a display device, keyboard and mouse and basic processing power in order to interact with the server.

A thin client device contains no moving parts such as fans or hard drives (in the case of a dedicated thin client device). It does not store any of the data locally – it is very thin in features and functionality – hence the term ‘thin client’.

A thin client often does not contain local storage and requires little processing resources.

Thin clients present a user with the same look and feel of a traditional desktop and can run any software – Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mainframe, Java, etc. – allowing for easy integration with the existing IT solution.

Thin Client connects to Host Computer over standard Ethernet networks through the RDP, enabling each PC Station user to surf the Internet, and can realize Internet application of ASP, instant messenger, Email, office suites software, photo manager software, multimedia software and so on independently and synchronously.

What are the benefits  of using Thin Client?

 1.Reduce/Save Cost of Investment:

Thin Clients SAVE 85% of energy cost; power consumption is at 5W compared to the normal computer that consumes up to 230-250 watts. Meaning the cost of 1 normal PC power consumption is equivalent to that of 50 Thin Clients power consumption. It Saves 85% on budget; the cost of a standard PC equals 10 times the price of our Thin Client. It makes your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) almost Zero!


With Thin Client technology,one single standard PC is shared by multiple users, enterprises, schools,cyber cafe, training centres etc. No need to buy a PC for each user.Thin Clients deploy  those standard office works needed, like editing Office files, surfing, mailing, online voice chatting, etc.

2. Zero Maintenance:

Thin clients are far simpler to manage since the thin client OS is deployed centrally and only includes a remote terminal client.Having a single point of administration reduces overall administration costs and saves on maintenance time. Administrators can perform upgrades, deploy patches, applications and virus updates solely on the terminal servers for thousands of users, without having to visit the individual workstations.

3. Zero ongoing upgrading required:

Only the host PC need persistent updating for software and hardware, since all applications and user profiles are managed centrally on the host PC/server side. As performance mainly depends on the host PCs, it is no longer necessary to plan software and hardware upgrades for the Zero Clients.

4. Secured Data:

Thin Client allows documents to be centrally located on the host/server) which can be locked in a safe place compared to a normal PC that data are stored locally.

Having all data stored on central servers eliminates the risk of important company data falling into the wrong hands should a fat client or notebook be lost or stolen. When working from home, there is also no need for corporate data to be transported between office to home on disks or memory cards.

5. Easy Data Disaster recovery:

If a terminal fails, important data isn’t  lost since it is stored on the server. Having a centralized storage system allows for faster and easier backups as well as efficient disaster recovery.

6.Portable and Workable Space :

Thin Clients can be transported with ease to any place and with the small form, it saves working space. Their compact size allows thin clients to be hidden under desktops or even mounted on walls or under desks

7. Zero Heat Generation:

Less materials help in reducing the e-wastes and the emission of CO2 that has been the major issue of our planet. Greener technology will be the mainstream of the IT development. One consideration that Thin Client took it to heart is to save the planet for the future generations.

8. Easy Setup:

Mastering the Thin Client setup requires little  Computer knowledge and no IT professionals: Thin Client Technology is easy to learn and understand . 

However, COMPUSET ICT SOLUTIONS  provide free training to end-users/technicians at no cost.


Thin Clients offer an effective way to give more students access to computing free IT staff from the overhead of refreshing computer labs and training rooms, and let faculty concentrate on curriculum rather than technology.


Schools throughout the world are faced with new challenges as computer   skills become increasingly important in the digital age. Affordable   access to computing technology has become a priority   for many school administrators. With the tight budget they have   considered refurbished (used) computers, but second handed computers do   not do justice to the budget, Used computers have already reached a   point where it is no longer cost-effective for an school to maintain the   equipment, and by deploying such equipment in a poor school, where   little technical expertise is available, one can expect break-downs,   delays, and lack of funding to repair, all of which lead to   disillusionment with the use of technology.


 Thin Client helps to reduce your operational cost by reducing electricity consumption, IT infrastructure cost and IT Maintenance Cost, 100% assured returns on investments .


Compuset radically centralized virtual desktops and zero clients provide the reliability, remote access, and flexibility need to support a range of client needs and work locations


 Services firms providing legal, technology or other professional services need to maximize employee productivity that drives billable revenue. Traditional desktop PCs often result in lost hours due to outages, downtime and time wasted waiting for remote support and patch cycles.
Key features of the Thin Client supporting virtual desktops for services companies include:
--Centralized management of Thin Client virtual desktops simplifies patch and update cycles, letting you perform updates and patching after hours when it will have little impact on staff productivity.
--Mobile access to virtual desktops, allowing employees to securely connect to their desktop from any client.
--Flexible desktop provisioning allows your employees to access virtual desktop tailored to the needs of specific clients, engagements, or work locations. Each desktop virtual machine can be customized with specific settings and applications, and staff can cost-effectively be provisioned with multiple desktops.


Recommended Host Configuration:

We recommend adding 128MB RAM per additional terminal:

No of Pc's









Intel pentium4



Intel pentium4



Intel pentium4



Intel pentium4



Intel core 2

Duo 2.53GHz


Intel core 2






512MB above

1GB above

2GB  above

4GB above

6G above

8G above


Running speed













Do  you want to set up a cyber cafe Business?

Do you want to step up or expand your school computer laboratory?

How many PCs do  you want to buy for 40 employees?

You need just one standard PC.

Thin Client is the answer

*Save 75% on your budget
*Save 90% on electricity
*Save 100% on Maintenance 

Contact us today for enquires on price and after sales supports or download our Pricelist  and Specifications here.